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Ad in Life & Style Magazine December 2012

Holdiday Ad in Life & Style Magazine December 2012



Pop.N.Go by Dena Dodd Perry

Pop.N.Go by Dena Dodd Perry


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Chicago Children's Museum Gala

Chicago Children’s Museum Gala – Dena & Jeff Perry 



Dena Dodd Perry - Damask Pop.N.Go

Dena Perry in Damask Pop.N.Go Scarf 



Dena Dodd Perry in Damask Pop.N.Go

Dena Perry in Damask Pop.N.Go Scarf 











the succulent wife feature: “Pop.N.Go Rain Scarf”

I have always adored Audrey Hepburn. I mean, let’s admit it, who doesn’t? Well, here’s some good news.  Now we can all adore and look fabulous just like her – even when it’s wet and rainy here in Chicago.

We all know that rain occurs unexpectedly in so many cases. We also know that you do not want your hair to be a “hot mess” when you are out and about. And after all these years of humidity hair issues, now I know that seven out of ten women also complain about frizzy hair when it rains.

Just in time for fall/winter’s cooler, wet weather…voila!  The Pop.N.Go appears.These tres chic scarves look like they are freshly plucked from the streets of Paris, where Audrey danced under Le Tour Eiffel…but believe it or not, they are born right here in Chicago.  Don’t you love that?  I am always the first one to jump on a new, local, hot trend.

I don’t really know where to even begin with my love for these…they have both style and function right when you need it most (downpour – is it me or does the weather here change on a dime?), they are the perfect, must-have, anti-frizz, non-umbrella solution (we need those precious hands free – for Blackberries and baby strollers!) and they are so easy to wake up, grab, throw on around the neck or pack right into the purse.

Which one is your favorite?  I personally can’t decide between the zebra stripe, golden or platinum leopard…

Did Audrey have trouble making decisions like these?

-Debi Lilly,

Top Event Planner for Harpo Productions


Jeanna, Dena & Martha Stewart – for ACS in Evanston, Illinois