March 2013 InStyle TipsnTrends

March 2013 InStyle TipsnTrends

America's 1st Stylish Rain Scarf

Welcome to Pop.N.Go! You may find carrying an umbrella to be a hassle….
High fashion & hair protection in one Scarf! This water-resistant scarf comes in many designs and colors. Forget about the bulky umbrella or the old plastic granny rain bonnet forever!  Don’t let bad weather ruin your hair. We see bad weather happening so unexpectedly these days. Establish in 2010, our patent-pending authentic Pop.N.Go® has been a proven problem-solver. Check our all-new Humidity-Resistant Chiffon Collection for spring and summer because some buyers like our versatile chiffon scarf for fashion — as a headband, neck scarf or belt. While others love our purse-ready Pop.N.Go because the chic beauty scarf keeps their hair dry and intact as chic, quick hair protection before their next work or fun event. Click here for available styles STARTING AT $19.99.

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The problem-solving side of Dena kicked into gear. It occurred to me that day that there’s not such thing as fashionable rain scarf. The industrial engineer-marketing maven and mom rolled up her sleeves and designed Popngo.” –Forest & Bluff Magazine

The patent-pending Popngo scarf combines old Hollywood glamour with modern, eco-friendly/reusable water-resistant fabrics.” No company in modern day was doing this like Popngo — Beauty Store Business

Don’t let showers cause another frizzy bad hair day disaster. The Pop.N.Go Scarf is an all-weather scarf that comes in fun and fashionable styles. It provides a hands-free alternative to rainwear — no more drippy umbrellas destroying your do.” — Short Styles Magazine

Here’s why Popngos are so special. We all know that bad weather occurs unexpectedly in so many cases this time of year. We also know you do not want your hair to be a “hot mess” at your next scheduled event. Moreover, about 7 out of 10 women complain about hairstyle disruption or frizzy hair when it rains. Water without heat can dry the hair out for women. We listened to you…at last, a patent-pending, travel-friendly, hands-free product that has both style and function when you need it most. So, go starlet Hollywood by trying one of our new, hands-free Pop.N.Go designer chic weather scarves that protect the hair quickly against high winds, wet snow and rain. It’s the new must-have anti-frizz, non-umbrella solution that saves you time and money $ reworking your hairdo.


How does it work? Just pop around your neck with your coat for daily style, tie onto your purse or pop over your hair when you get caught in the rain, snow or high winds. After you arrive, shake off any water from the scarf and just tie onto your purse or pop around your neck again. So, you will look great even when you are caught in not so good weather. Perfect quick hair protection for work, parties, post-hair salon visits and more!

See how a customer wears her scarf! Black Damask Chiffon

So stylish and versatile, this patent-pending Pop.N.Go soft-to-the touch weather-resistant scarf is:

  • Water-Repellant
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Packable & Purse-Ready
  • Washable if needed
  • Fashionable

All Popngos repel water! Wow!



Any Pop.N.Go scarf is a perfect gift. To order, just click on the STORE tab above.  Collections:

-For Water-Resistant Scarves, our strongest are the double layered scarves like Brown Cheetah, Silver Leopard or Zebra, all lined with pink liner. Used for exotic style in rain settings outdoors. 

-Our next strongest Water-Resistant includes the Damask, Red Vines, Ivory, Silver and Pony styles. Use for style indoors and outdoors in moderate and light rain. 

-ALL-NEW Humidity-Resistant Scarves in Champagne Beige, Caribbean Sky Chevron and Radiant Ribbons Lavender that gives buyer lots of style. Used for indoors or outdoors for style and humidity.

Several top celebs and everyday women like us are sending “thank you” notes for this problem-solving scarf because it saves you time and money without having to totally rework your hair style. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Cassidy Freeman, Kelly Carlson, Brook Burns and Shaun Robinson have their eye on pop style. Pop.N.Go all-weather scarves have been well-received by these glamorous ladies!

Yes, finally a soft rain scarf! – Dena Dodd Perry, Founder of Pop.N.Go

FABRIC CARE:  Spot clean first. Machine wash cold if needed. Gentle Cycle. No Bleach. Low iron MAX 30C. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. 100% Polyester. Due health and safety reasons, ALL SALES ARE FINAL SALE.

You have created a great product! I used mine yesterday on Michigan Avenue when it started to sprinkle. It works! - JC

I wanted to thank you for the Pop.N.Go All-Weather Scarf!  My girlfriend was having a rough day yesterday and when I got home and surprised her with the beautiful gift bag and the scarf she was shocked, surprised and LOVED the scarf! We have 6 weddings to go to this fall and she told me that the scarf could go with all of her dresses. - Jack

Fabulous! I had an opportunity to wear my scarf again today. It stood the test against the rain. The wind pushed off my head once but my hair style was well preserved. I had it on for about 3-4 minutes. I was happy when I took it off…and I looked good keeping dry! - Pamela